3 ans
orthographe mémorial : FERNBACH Rika
née le 3 octobre 1939 à la Ferté-Bernard [Sarthe] (670W129)
extrait de son acte de naissance du 4 octobre 1939
fille de Hugo FERNBACH et de Sala JAKUBOWICZ (670W129)
nationalité française (2000W248)
sa fiche d’identité non datée (670W167)
liste nominative au 1er octobre 1940 des réfugiés alsaciens de Tuffé (2000W218)
recensement des israélites n° 10 du 19 octobre 1940 (616W109)
recensement des israélites du 12 septembre 1941 (670W129)
à cette date elle habite Grande Rue maison Guéné à Tuffé [Sarthe] (670W129)
le plan des logements de Tuffé (Jean-Pierre Maupay)
lettre du sous-préfet de Mamers [Philippe LANQUINE] au maire de Tuffé [Ernest PROVOST] du 2 juin 1942
arrestation de ses parents le 17 juillet 1942 à Tuffé
lettre du préfet de la Sarthe [Marcel PICOT] à la SIPO SD du Mans du 12 août 1942 (2000W136)
réponse du chef de la SIPO-SD du Mans [Léo NUTTGENS] au préfet de la Sarthe du 19 août 1942 (2000W131)
lettre du sous-préfet de Mamers au maire de Tuffé le 19 septembre 1942 (5454W571)
réponse du maire de Tuffé au sous-préfet de Mamers le 21 septembre 1942 (545W571)
arrêtée le 9 octobre 1942 à Tuffé par les autorités allemandes. Motif de l’arrestation : juive avec ses grands-parents Hersch et Zlata JAKUBOWICZ (616W106-B)
sa fiche de renseignements non datée (616W106-B)
transférée au camp de Mulsanne [Sarthe] le 9 octobre 1942 (2000W208)
lettre du maire de Tuffé au sous-préfet du 13 octobre 1942 [annotation au crayon des arrestations de juillet 1942] (545W571)
recensée par le docteur KOVACS au camp de Mulsanne en octobre 1942 sous le nom de FERENBACH Rita (archives privées Elisabeth Kovacs)
son nom figure sur la plaque commémorative de Mulsanne
réquisition du préfet de la Sarthe du 15 octobre 1942 (616W106-B)
lettre du sous-préfet de Mamers au maire de Tuffé du 15 octobre 1942 (545W571)
réponse du maire de Tuffé au sous-préfet de Mamers du 16 octobre 1942 (545W571)
transférée au camp de Drancy le 18 octobre 1942
déportée par le convoi n° 42 à Auschwitz. Départ de Drancy le 6 novembre 1942 avec ses grands-parents Hersch et Zlata JAKUBOWICZ (mémorial)
le train quitte la gare à 8h55 du matin et arrive à Auschwitz le 8 novembre (Karine Macarez Shoah en Sarthe)
morte en déportation le 11 novembre 1942 à Auschwitz (JO n°50 du 28 février 1996 page 3150 )
lettre de son oncle David au maire de Tuffé du 10 février 1946
plaque à sa mémoire inaugurée le 13 mai 2007 à Tuffé

5 commentaires sur “FERNBACH Ricka

  1. Joan Fradkin dit :

    I have a copy of the birth record of Hugo Fernbach, the brother of my grandmother, Anna Finger nee Fernbach. The birth record shows that he was born in Essen, Germany on November 25, 1900 to Ricka nee Blum and Leiser Fernbach. Leiser was also known as Leo Fernbach. Would you like me to mail the birth record to you?

  2. Joan Fradkin dit :

    I never knew about this part of my family until this week. I don’t know what happened to Marguerite Levy who was also known as Grete, but I do have a picture of her husband, Hans Levy in Paris. I believe the photo is from 1939.

    We know that Hugo Fernbach was born on November 25, 1900. I have his birth record showing that his parents were Ricka Fernbach nee Blum and Leiser Fernbach. According to this record, Hugo was born in Essen, Germany. His father, Leiser who is also known as Leo was born in Kolomea. I assume that little Ricka was named after her late grandmother, Ricka Fernbach.

    My grandmother, Anna Finger nee Fernbach was born in Essen. She left Germany in the late 30s with her three children, Ruth, Manfred, and Edmund and emigrated to the USA. My grandfather, Hermann Finger arrived in the USA a little later. My grandmother was born in Essen and I would assume that Marguerite was born there also.

    • It’s a real pain to discover the fate of the young Ricka and all his family. I have unfortunately not much information on it and no photo.we have paid tribute to all those deported by affixing a plaque on the site of our village where they were arrested and taken to a destiny tragic. I think Margaret was not deported but I know nothing of her after 10 July 1940. As for Hugo all the documents I could find talk of Birth Caloni or perhaps Kolomea but not in Essen. it’s strange! Thank you very much for your loyalty to the memory of your family. Here we commemorate every 17 July and 9 October arrests by putting in front of houses where they lived panels that tell their destiny.
      Bien amicalement

  3. Joan Fradkin dit :

    I believe that Ricka Fernbach was the niece of Anna Finger (nee Fernbach), my maternal grandmother. Hugo Fernbach was my grandmother’s brother. Both Anna and Hugo Fernbach were born in Essen, Germany. I believe that Marguerite Levy (nee Fernbach) was also the sister of my grandmother. My grandmother and her family were lucky to make it to the USA.

    I never knew about Ricka until this week. It is sad that a young innocent child was murdered because she was Jewish. We all need to make the world a better place.

    • Thanks a lot for these informations. I am happy to be in contact with a member of the Fernbach family. Do you know what happened to Margaret Levy born Fernbach. She spent very little time in our small village of Tuffé with his brother Hugo but after I do not know what happened to her. Can you tell me more about your grandmother Anna? How did she do to go to the united states? Just to clarify Marguerite and Anna are probably born in Essen but not Hugo. He was born in Caloni Poland. It was in France to avoid being dismissed as a Polish citizen he said he was born in Essen. In the documents that I put online the police investigation confirmed that he had made the false statement to not suffer the disadvantages of Polish nationality. I saw that your grandmother had asked from him by the intermediate of the Red Cross in 1945 while living in Brooklyn. https://lesdeportesdesarthe.wordpress.com/?attachment_id=11671
      Bien amicalement

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